Surprise Cover Reveal for Absolution

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***This novel is intended for adults(18+) for mature and explicit sexual content. It is a standalone and the series does not have to be read in order.***
Affliction of Falling Series: Meet five friends as they learn to love without limitations by taking a journey onto the unexpected and rugged path of falling in love. Sometimes, falling in love doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes, falling in love means a twisting torment of sweet, liberating pain beyond the confines of your comfort zone… into something beyond your wildest dreams.

Self-love and selfishness can deceptively appear much one in the same. An inability to love thyself easily leads twisted individuals astray and into a world of deprecating behaviors. Cloaked in the dark underbelly of the city, submerged in power hungry exchanges that feed the ego, souls easily fall prey to the melodic rhythms set by the seven deadly sins.

Hope is not always out of grasp, even for the broken ones. Those who think themselves lost beyond forgiveness can be swept up into a bold wave of deliverance… as long as they are brave enough to let go of the scarring past.
Audacious is Molly’s story.

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Scrupulous Blog Tour

KC - Scrup - Gavin Qoute -1PREO

Release date August 1, Pre-Order Available now!
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Scrupulous AAFN Book 1 - KC

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***This novel is intended for adults(18+) for mature and explicit sexual content. It is a standalone and the series does not have to be read in order.***

Some men just can’t accept that a woman can be perfectly content without them. I mean, come on—a girl can get laid whenever she wants. It’s not like it’s hard. And Lord knows, I have no interest in a relationship. There is no room for that drama-filled nonsense in my life. Pursuing my passion is all I have time for. Selfish and shortsighted? Perhaps. However, I know what I want and I have no problem going after it. Life is a string of decisions, constructed and manifested by each person. I own mine, and I don’t apologize for it either.
My past always seems to define me. I hadn’t ever considered love as an option for someone with the background and proclivities that I have. Not until I spot a sexy little brunette across the crowded room. It’s magnetic, and as much as she tries to resist, I am going to have her. Even though she won’t submit, her sass does something to me—changes me. Come hell or high water, she will be mine


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Raised California, Kristina moved to Colorado to pursue her education and fell in love with the area as well as her now husband. After pushing through college class by class with a few maternity breaks in between, she finally graduated with the support of her husband, family and friends. Her four year degree took a lot longer for her to complete as life led her down a scenic route.

After establishing her career in nursing, she felt something was missing. Her artistic side was calling so she started to pick up her writing and painting again. After awhile, she found that her short story had grown into her first novel. Writing is a passion of hers and she feels the greatest achievement in her art is creating works that bring enjoyment to others.

She continues to reside in Colorado with her husband and children. Kristina is working on the next installment of The Lunar Eclipse Series.

You can follow the series progress @ or

~~~***Cover Reveal for Scrupulous, an Affliction of Falling Novel***~~~

KC - Scrup - Gavin Qoute -1PREO

Release date August 1, Pre-Order Available now!

***PRE_ORDER SALE LINK: This book will have a pre order sale for only $1.99!

Scrupulous AAFN Book 1 - KC

Author Links:
Twitter @KristinaCanady

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Book Blurb:
Some men just can’t accept that a woman can be perfectly content without them. I mean, come on; a girl can get laid anytime she wants, it’s not like it’s hard. And lord knows, I have no interest in a relationship, there is no time for that drama-filled nonsense. Pursuing my passion in life is all that I have time for. Selfish and short sighted? Perhaps, but I know what I want out of life and have no problem going after it. Life is a string of decisions, constructed and manifested by us. I own mine and don’t apologize for it either.
Defined by my past, I hadn’t ever considered love as an option for someone like me. That is, until I spotted that sweet little brunette from across the crowded room. It was magnetic, and as much as she tried to resist, I was going to have her. Come heaven or high water, she would be mine.


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My first attempt at Drabble’s for the wonderful C.S. Bailey’s anniversary edition

Portrait of a Broken Heart

Slinking past the foreboding door, I venture to the pool house to meet my secret lover.
Pain and longing surface once more for a distant husband’s affections that care little for holding a wife’s attention.
Slipping in, breath catching, eyes skip over the expectant length waiting in anticipation.
Palming up the familiar with urgent hands, I lustfully dip the tip, gliding it over the overworked surface, heat building within.
Time slips into the starless night sky.
A nameless force rides me hard as liquid drips from my mad fingertips.
Stepping back, the portrait of a crestfallen woman gazes back.

Coyote Ugly
Tossed with sleep and dreams too hot to bear, I exasperatedly throw back the covers.
Dark eyes and devilish good looks plague me. One day, endeavors to ride the man-whore of a bartender from the local bar until the birds sing will be had.
Splashing cold water on my face, I head back to bed only to realize that my dreams may not be so hypothetical.
Peering over the bunched sheets in anticipation, the glare of a balding head stares back.
Damn the drink that has landed the bar-fly accountant in my duvet whilst making me think it was another.

Updated scene to Midnight Bloom, Sasha tells Stephan

Hello! here is the updated scene between Sasha and Stephan in Midnight Bloom for those who wanted to see a stronger reaction from Stephan. I love your constructive feedback!

Excerpt from: Midnight Bloom Part I: Lunar Eclipse Series by Kristina Canady

“Stephan, you know how I never met my biological father and no one knows much about him?” I ask, urging his memory- figuring this is the best place to start.
“Si,” he says, still not knowing where this is going but looks relieved that it is not something related to our relationship.
“Well, I found out last night who, more like what, he is and how it affects me.” I don’t want to do this! Telling him this could potentially tear apart his world. He doesn’t deserve this and neither do the kids. Why couldn’t this have happened years ago- before I got knocked up and we had a shotgun wedding at his mother’s request?
“What he is?” he replies softly, unsure if he wants me to continue.
God, this is a hard conversation to have; maybe, I should just disappear into the night, never to return.
“You know how sometimes things happen in life that we can’t explain? You say all the time that there is so much that we don’t understand about the world and all the wonders it holds.” Hopefully, I can appeal to his mystic side, which is receptive to the unexplainable. He is always telling me how humans are way too self-absorbed in their thinking, and that out of all the different galaxies that exist, it is selfish to think that we are the only life forms… or populated planet out there.
“Yes, scientists are always uncovering discoveries, why?” He looks like he really wants me to get to the point.
“Well, apparently, I am half of one of those things that are hard to explain as science hasn’t caught on yet.” How to say this…
“I don’t understand, Sasha.”
Pacing, more pacing. “Stephan, my biological dad was a vampire; I am half vampire.”
He starts to laugh and looks at me bizarrely; it’s funny how much alike we are in some manners. It’s been so long since I have heard him laugh, and it is a sound that I have missed. Too bad that I had to hear it under these circumstances; he probably thinks I’m crazy.
“Stephan, I am not joking,” I say, with tears of frustration starting to line the rims of my eyes. The magnitude of the possibility of this all being true is hard enough to handle.
“Sasha, okay! It’s okay,” he says, as he walks over to me and pulls me in for a hug. He is not used to seeing me cry as it is a rare phenomenon. He bends and kisses my forehead. Still laughing, he continues, “Sasha, okay, I will try to believe you. It’s hard and far-fetched, even for me. Are you certain you didn’t hit your head too hard?”
“Yes! I am sure!” I exasperatedly cry. I may be many things, but crazy isn’t one of them.
“We have always been truthful with each other, but this is a bit much. What does this mean exactly? You seem the same to me.”
I look into his chocolate brown eyes; oh, how I used to love staring into their depths when we were teenagers- fantasizing about nothing and everything. I hold him close and begin to tell him about the essence in my DNA, turning, and the possible two weeks of vacation from reality that I will need to take. I add a very clean, simple version about Edward and Etienne with many details withheld, of course. He walks us over the bed so we can sit.
“I hate to say this but first, I think you’ve gone and read too many books. Second, I am going to need proof, and lastly, my answer to you disappearing with some guy for two weeks is ‘hell no’.” His anger is more than obvious.
“You think I wanted any of this? You think that I would make this up just to have some excuse to run away with another man?” I stare at him disbelievingly, hurt that he thinks I would do such a thing and frustrated that he thinks I am crazy. “Forget it, forget I said anything. I’ll go get my head checked tomorrow,” I pull away; stomp off to the bathroom and slam the door.
“Sasha, don’t act like this, you can’t blame me for being skeptical!” His voice thunders from the other side of the door.
Ignoring him, I grab my phone from my pocket, and absently send Etienne a smartass text while drawing myself a bath.
“Ha! It went so well that I now have to have my head examined and he thinks I’ve lost it completely. Guess I suffered a head injury. So whoever this really is, thank you for your help but I will no longer be needing your assistance.”
Well, it was a fun fantasy ride while it lasted. Maybe Stephan is right. Stripping down and slowly climbing in, I hear Stephan in the bedroom fumbling around as well as the doorbell in the faint distance.
“I’ll grab it,” his voice muffles before his heavy footsteps trail off.

After a while, he trudges back and knocks on the door before the sigh of fabric brushes along the frame as he leans into it.
“Sasha, I know you wouldn’t intentionally make something like this up. I know that you are telling the truth. I am sorry for not believing you. We will do whatever we have to do to make it work; I can’t lose you.” His voice is now full of sorrow.
I get out, wrap up in a towel and open the door.
“Why the sudden change?” I curiously ask.
“I believe you,” he smiles sorrowfully as if the reality is finally catching up to him. What an odd sudden change.
“Who was at the door, Stephan?” I probe, my suspicions getting the better of me.
His handsome face glazes over as he tries to remember. “A salesmen,” he seems to settle on after a few seconds of uncertainty.
Is he finally seeing that this is more than a theoretical “what if” scenario? Or is there more to this one-eighty he’s done. Not wanting to question it too much, I move on.

“You believe me and what we may need to do to get through it all?”
“Whatever it takes, mi amour. Whatever it takes to keep you safe.”
“Stephan, it’s also about keeping you and the boys safe.”
“You would never hurt us, no matter what you turn into; I know that above all else.”
I hope that is true. “You also have to swear on your grandmother’s and your father’s graves that you will never tell anyone the truth about me; it would endanger everyone we love if they found out,” I say solemnly.
He has to understand the weight all of this carries. Vampires have hidden their existence this long; something tells me that they go to great lengths to keep it that way.
“It’s that serious? Okay, I swear,” he says hesitantly. I suspect the gravity of it all hasn’t entirely caught up to him because he seems to still be grappling with a bit of denial. “We will get through this, Sasha; I know we will.”

Two chick’s shootin the breeze, my interview with the lovely N.D. White


Hello you salaciously dirty boys and girls. Thank you for joining the lovely Nicki White and myself this evening as we sit down and shoot the breeze as we enjoy this fine bottle of Frédéric Magnien Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

*Kristina holds up her glass and toasts Nicki

Kristina: So, tell me, what are you working on these days?


Nicki takes a sip and grins with delight.  “Fabulous,” she says as she relaxes a bit in her chair.  “Well, currently I’m writing Raven’s Undoing, which is the next book after Raven’s Innocence. Although, it’s been tough writing this one.  My muse hasn’t been talking to me very much.” Nicki rolls her eyes sarcastically. “Before, I couldn’t get her to shut up.” They both laugh.  “What about you?  What do you have in the making right now?”


Kristina winks and lets a mouthful slide down her throat before answering. “My muse has been a bitch, playing hard to get. She even will visit for a brief moment to tease me before running off into the night, laughing hysterically.” refills her glass and offers to top off Nicki’s. “I am desperately trying to finish the last few chapters of part 3 in my series, I just can’t seem to focus. In part, it is mostly due to stress of being sans editor at the moment with a looming deadline.” *Rolls eyes and huffs. “Tell me, what do you do when your muse is being difficult?”


Nicki welcomes the extra wine into her glass.  “Well, it depends.  Honestly, my writing is fueled by emotion.  Sometimes if I’m at a complete loss for words, I’ll dig deep down inside to try and figure out exactly what is bothering me most.  Then I open up a word document and I spit it out on paper, usually in the form of a poem.  It’s a release for me.  It’s like my muse is able to break through that wall and breathe again.”  Nicki pauses for moment and takes another sip of wine. “So you’re working on your series, who is your favorite character?”


Kristina: “My favorite character depends on which book we are in, I love Etienne in part 1, Sasha is a spitfire as well, but come part 2, we love to hate Sasha as she is going through a dark time and doesn’t deal with the grieving process as well as some might like. We feel for Etienne at this time and really bond with some of the side characters, getting an in-depth feel for the background surrounding the two leads. In part 3, I/we begin to love Sasha as she finally evolves into a character worth getting attached to as she claims our hearts.” *goes for some chocolates spotted next to the wine. “Tell me about Raven’s Undoing and the development of your series?”


“Pass that chocolate!” Nicki’s eyes light up.  Chocolate is almost better than sex. Almost… “Well, where to start…. I always wanted to write a novel.  I’ve had a lot of inspiration and another author was very encouraging and asked me one day, what do you have to lose?  Just start writing.  I had an idea, and went with it.  I love Romance and I love Psychology, so I wanted to combine the two and come up with more of a Romance Thriller/Suspense type novel. Raven’s Undoing is part two.  This is the book where you find out everything!  The first one has an ending that will leave you gasping.  Raven’s Undoing wraps it all up.  I have very little patience myself, so I wanted to finish the story in two books.” Nicki pauses, contemplating what to say next. “In Raven’s Innocence, Raven has moved to a new city with her best friend to start her life over.  She’s very introverted, yet also a spitfire. Of course she meets this, and falls head over heals, except something is very wrong with the whole situation.  At first her new man seems perfect, and then all hell breaks loose. It’s a very emotional book.”  Nicki bites into a piece of chocolate and savors the flavor. Yum. “So tell me, where do you come up with the names for your characters? They’re very unique.  I like them!”


Kristina contemplates while sipping on her wine and allowing the chocolate pairing to explode over her tongue. “I love etiology and not everything is face value in my books, names too have a meaningful tie to the overall snapshot of the story I am delivering. Sasha’s name in a roundabout fashion means “Defender of People,” which is her evolving role and Etienne’s name… well I will stop there. But I will tell you as one who also appreciates psychology I like to play around with it myself, Etienne is a version of Steven and Sasha’s husband’s name is Stephan, so her choice is mirrored in the reflection of two men, grass could be greener, could all be a ploy, or a farce of her subconscious.” “Tell me, how thrilling do things get for your Raven?” *waggles eyebrows at Nicki.


Nicki blushes an intense shade of Crimson as her jaw drops.  She can write about the unmentionables, but she can’t talk about it. Not without getting all embarrassed and choked up.  She is gawking at Kristina frantically trying to think of what to say.  Finally she clears her throat. “Well…..” She pauses and shifts a little in her chair.  Clearly uncomfortable.  She is wishing she could have something stronger now to drink.  Straight Vodka might do the trick.  “Well,” she begins again. “Raven is very reserved and Grant completely takes her by surprise the first time they….. well, you know.”  Nicki’s face turns even redder as her eyes start darting around the room.  “Let’s just say, she is not disappointed by Grant’s performance.”  Without looking directly at Kristina, Nicki asks, “Is there…ya know….sex in your books?”  She whispers ‘sex’ like it’s totally taboo and slinks down just a little in her chair.


Kristina puffs her chest and smirks, Nicki’s endearing shyness encouraging her devious edge. “Is there sex…” Kristina drags out the syllables, over enunciating for effect. “In part 1, I allude to it, ramp up for it and tease the hell out of the reader making them beg for it in the end. In part 2, the pair finally have an emotional and sexually charged reunion that ends up being the tip of the iceberg as they attempt to fulfill years of suppressed desires. Part 3… exploring sexual dominance becomes an underlying theme as the couple use it to rebuild trust and communication in the aftermath of Sasha’s traumatic experience. You see, Nicki, one should never be ashamed of sex or fucking for that matter as it is a beautiful form of self expression that truly enhances one’s life.” Kristina plucks a strawberry garnishment from the chocolate tray and pops it in her mouth, playing on the uncomfortable edge palpating from her shy counterpart. “Where do you draw inspiration for your kinky scenes?”


Nicki is rendered speechless by Kristina’s direct and explicit use of words. However, this also helps Nicki feel a little more relaxed, as odd as it may sound, because very few people really know that deep down inside, Nicki can be quite kinky and the shy reserved girl you see on the outside…. well, let’s just say that things aren’t always as they appear.  “Okay, then. Honestly?” Nicki pauses and wonders if she’s ready to blurt this out loud.  Hell, why not? Taking one more big gulp of liquid courage….“The inspiration I have for my kinky scenes comes from my own fantasies and the desire to have a man take total control of me. A man who can handle me, please me, grab my ass, spank it, and then send me straight. over. the. edge.”  Nicki’s face reddens again in reaction to her own admission.  She doesn’t say these things out loud. Ever.  Too late now.  She straightens in her chair with a new sense of heightened self-esteem.  It felt good to say that out loud.  “What about you?  What inspires your kinky scenes?”


Kristina grins proudly at Nicki for her admission. Nibbling another chocolate and chasing it with some more vined juice from the gods, she clears her throat thoughtfully. “Hmmm, great questions. Many things inspire my scenes, where to begin… First off, I watch too many documentaries as well as read and research many aspects of sexuality, the psychology behind it and how it is practiced. From there, it doesn’t take much for this crazy imagination to run wild. My scenes draw a little from everything I learn and see. I also like to touch on aspects of sexuality that inspire women such as yourself to be bold enough to ask for what they want from their partners. Everyone deserves a partner that can handle them and give them what they need, but we have to be bold enough to stand up and communicate that. The new blog pieces I have been writing evolve around that theme. Helping women to overcome whatever roadblocks they need to in order to grab their sexuality by the leather straps and demand what they want or need. As much as we wish, our partners will never be able to read our minds. And yes, I do practice what I preach.” Kristina winks at Nicki as she drops the last line then quickly jumps off her soapbox. “Do you feel you hold back in your writing at all when it comes to writing your sex scenes or is that when you feel the safest to run free?”


Nicki contemplates that question for a few moments because this is the first time she has been asked this, and she herself, isn’t so sure.  “Well, I do feel like in my writing, I am safest to run free for sure; however, I do hold back. I try not to, but it just happens.  I didn’t even realize I was holding back until I let another author, who is also a very good friend of mine read my sex scenes.  He’s a pro at writing them himself and does an amazing job.  Anyways, after he read what I wrote, he told me that he felt like I was slightly holding back.  He could tell I was uncomfortable writing it and wasn’t being true to myself.  I rewrote a couple of those sex scenes quite a few times.  He ultimately, rewrote them as well.  I admit, when he was done and sent them back to me, he nailed it.”  Nicki sits there for a moment in silence.  She maybe has had an epiphany. She lives through her writing.  She craves to be true, what she has wrote on paper.  But she’ll never admit that out loud.  She looks up at Kristina and admires her boldness and wishes she had that level of confidence; maybe some day.  And note to self, read Kristina’s blog.

Nicki gulps down the last of what is in her glass.  “Do you think Romance will always be your choice of writing?”


“Good question. What also makes it an interesting one is that for most of my life I gravitated toward historical fiction, mystery and thriller type novels that make you sit back and go ‘’ Romance is a niche that I fell into as it was the most comfortable for me to write, and the pleasure I get from doing so is amazing. I have some childrens books in mind that I hope to do some day, under a pen name of course, and I hope one day to break into the contemporary field with an smart read that moves the soul as well as a mystery one day. Who knows! What about you? What aspirations do you have as a writer?” Kristina eases back in her chair comfortably, waiting on edge for Nicki to answer as she herself loves to talk about goals with people.


Nicki lightly taps her chin with the tip of her finger, another question she has not really given much thought to until now.  “I have always written poetry, and always wanted to write a novel.  It hasn’t been until this past year that I have become so serious in my writing.  Honestly, the more I do it, the more I love it.  I wish that I could quit my job and write full time.  Novels, poetry, short stories, anything and everything.  I love writing.  Poetry and novels are my most favorite of course.  Every poem I write is inspired by something I’m experiencing.  It’s driven by emotion.  In fact, in my novel, my most passionate and gut wrenching scenes, were written when I was experiencing a major emotional upheaval in my life.  Writing is my outlet.  I’m hoping the opportunity eventually presents itself where I can focus on that full time.  I’ve never been more passionate about anything in my entire life, like I am about writing.”  Nicki smiles at yet another honest admission.  “Shall we pour another glass and keep going?”  She relaxes back in her chair feeling some relief.


Kristina: “I too feel the same sense of passion and encompassing love when channeling my thoughts, fears, experiences and emotions through writing. I once read a quote that said, ‘The difference between a writer and someone who wants to write is a writer HAS to write.’ So true. Well, Nicki, I think we should pour another glass for ourselves and let these fine people get back to their busy lives. Thank you again!”
Nicki: “That quote is such a powerful truth!”  Nicki smiles and raises her glass for Kristina for fill it back up.  “It has been a pleasure, and a lot of fun.”  She winks. “And Thank You as well.”

Excuse me as I rant about sexual freedom

I read a blog post recently that was written by an individual that was decidedly upset about the release of the 50 Shades of Grey movie citing that if we loved ourselves as women and had any respect for ourselves, we would boycott this movie and not go see it. He also went on about how BDSM relationships are abusive that perpetuate a woman’s self loathing.

*Takes a deep breath to collect temper before jumping up on her soapbox.*

Okay, let me first start off with a few disclaimers. This post just like all aspects of my blog pieces are my opinion only. My opinion as a strong, confident, highly educated and experienced individual who loves herself quite freely. And, most of you know I support crazy ideas like people being free to love whom they choose with equal rights. I also preach the freedom to sexually express yourself as long as it is safe, sane, consensual, mindful (I add this because we need to be mindful about the appropriateness of our actions when out and about in the general public) and engaged with partner(s) over the age of 18.
embrace your sexualityNow that that is out of the way; What. The. Fuck? What is this person smoking? Women who embrace their sexuality and are brave enough to communicate their needs to their partner(s) thus further deepening the intimacy and physical as well as emotional connection between them is not a sign of self-disrespect. It is one of empowerment and of self-assertion. It is one way to live a happier, fuller life as you are cognizant and in touch with yourself on a deep enough level to stand up and say, “Hey, I like this, I don’t like that, let’s try this.” Did this author think that a woman verbalizing her needs or pursing her desires is a self-deprecating act? In this authors mind are women best to be seen and not heard as well as expected to quietly bend over and take it when her husband or partner demands? Must be. And if that is, in fact the case, you sir, have a fucking twisted view on how a woman should love and respect herself.
Next, a rant on BDSM relationships. A true, healthy relationship between a Dom(s)/Domme(s) and their sub(S) is quite a beautiful thing that many “vanilla” relationships could learn a thing or two from. These relationships are based on trust, respect and communication on a level that evades most everyday relationships. A sub has all the power, a dom will/should only take what a sub gives freely, a dom has to work their ass off to earn a subs trust and hopefully in turn, earning a subs total submission. A true BDSM relationship is not abuse. Sure, there are many posers out there that use this lifestyle to prey on women/men, I am in no way shape or form referring to or talking about that. With everything in life, there is always an asshole or two who has mental issues and wants to take advantage of others. I am not talking about those. A true dom may push a subs limits in many, many ways but in the end the dom only gets to play with what a sub chooses to give. It is a symbiotic relationship that benefits those involved in a beautiful power exchange that strengthens both parties in many ways. A dom wants to care for their sub, to take care of them in ways that many would never dream as they crave this roll and the dynamic effects it has on building a desired relationship with their sub.

I have barely scratched the surface of either of these topics or the supporting psychology behind them that further supports the positivity, love, respect and empowerment that they hold. Another time, perhaps. In closing, I say unto you, sir; maybe more women should see the 50 Shades movie, as well as watch some porno and read an extensive amount of erotica. They should take notes, have some wine and consider how to ask, communicate, implement or play with some of those fantasies with their partner(s). Embracing ones sexuality is self-love and respect. Put that in your pipe, sir, and smoke it.

~Nurse K