Updated scene to Midnight Bloom, Sasha tells Stephan

Hello! here is the updated scene between Sasha and Stephan in Midnight Bloom for those who wanted to see a stronger reaction from Stephan. I love your constructive feedback!

Excerpt from: Midnight Bloom Part I: Lunar Eclipse Series by Kristina Canady

“Stephan, you know how I never met my biological father and no one knows much about him?” I ask, urging his memory- figuring this is the best place to start.
“Si,” he says, still not knowing where this is going but looks relieved that it is not something related to our relationship.
“Well, I found out last night who, more like what, he is and how it affects me.” I don’t want to do this! Telling him this could potentially tear apart his world. He doesn’t deserve this and neither do the kids. Why couldn’t this have happened years ago- before I got knocked up and we had a shotgun wedding at his mother’s request?
“What he is?” he replies softly, unsure if he wants me to continue.
God, this is a hard conversation to have; maybe, I should just disappear into the night, never to return.
“You know how sometimes things happen in life that we can’t explain? You say all the time that there is so much that we don’t understand about the world and all the wonders it holds.” Hopefully, I can appeal to his mystic side, which is receptive to the unexplainable. He is always telling me how humans are way too self-absorbed in their thinking, and that out of all the different galaxies that exist, it is selfish to think that we are the only life forms… or populated planet out there.
“Yes, scientists are always uncovering discoveries, why?” He looks like he really wants me to get to the point.
“Well, apparently, I am half of one of those things that are hard to explain as science hasn’t caught on yet.” How to say this…
“I don’t understand, Sasha.”
Pacing, more pacing. “Stephan, my biological dad was a vampire; I am half vampire.”
He starts to laugh and looks at me bizarrely; it’s funny how much alike we are in some manners. It’s been so long since I have heard him laugh, and it is a sound that I have missed. Too bad that I had to hear it under these circumstances; he probably thinks I’m crazy.
“Stephan, I am not joking,” I say, with tears of frustration starting to line the rims of my eyes. The magnitude of the possibility of this all being true is hard enough to handle.
“Sasha, okay! It’s okay,” he says, as he walks over to me and pulls me in for a hug. He is not used to seeing me cry as it is a rare phenomenon. He bends and kisses my forehead. Still laughing, he continues, “Sasha, okay, I will try to believe you. It’s hard and far-fetched, even for me. Are you certain you didn’t hit your head too hard?”
“Yes! I am sure!” I exasperatedly cry. I may be many things, but crazy isn’t one of them.
“We have always been truthful with each other, but this is a bit much. What does this mean exactly? You seem the same to me.”
I look into his chocolate brown eyes; oh, how I used to love staring into their depths when we were teenagers- fantasizing about nothing and everything. I hold him close and begin to tell him about the essence in my DNA, turning, and the possible two weeks of vacation from reality that I will need to take. I add a very clean, simple version about Edward and Etienne with many details withheld, of course. He walks us over the bed so we can sit.
“I hate to say this but first, I think you’ve gone and read too many books. Second, I am going to need proof, and lastly, my answer to you disappearing with some guy for two weeks is ‘hell no’.” His anger is more than obvious.
“You think I wanted any of this? You think that I would make this up just to have some excuse to run away with another man?” I stare at him disbelievingly, hurt that he thinks I would do such a thing and frustrated that he thinks I am crazy. “Forget it, forget I said anything. I’ll go get my head checked tomorrow,” I pull away; stomp off to the bathroom and slam the door.
“Sasha, don’t act like this, you can’t blame me for being skeptical!” His voice thunders from the other side of the door.
Ignoring him, I grab my phone from my pocket, and absently send Etienne a smartass text while drawing myself a bath.
“Ha! It went so well that I now have to have my head examined and he thinks I’ve lost it completely. Guess I suffered a head injury. So whoever this really is, thank you for your help but I will no longer be needing your assistance.”
Well, it was a fun fantasy ride while it lasted. Maybe Stephan is right. Stripping down and slowly climbing in, I hear Stephan in the bedroom fumbling around as well as the doorbell in the faint distance.
“I’ll grab it,” his voice muffles before his heavy footsteps trail off.

After a while, he trudges back and knocks on the door before the sigh of fabric brushes along the frame as he leans into it.
“Sasha, I know you wouldn’t intentionally make something like this up. I know that you are telling the truth. I am sorry for not believing you. We will do whatever we have to do to make it work; I can’t lose you.” His voice is now full of sorrow.
I get out, wrap up in a towel and open the door.
“Why the sudden change?” I curiously ask.
“I believe you,” he smiles sorrowfully as if the reality is finally catching up to him. What an odd sudden change.
“Who was at the door, Stephan?” I probe, my suspicions getting the better of me.
His handsome face glazes over as he tries to remember. “A salesmen,” he seems to settle on after a few seconds of uncertainty.
Is he finally seeing that this is more than a theoretical “what if” scenario? Or is there more to this one-eighty he’s done. Not wanting to question it too much, I move on.

“You believe me and what we may need to do to get through it all?”
“Whatever it takes, mi amour. Whatever it takes to keep you safe.”
“Stephan, it’s also about keeping you and the boys safe.”
“You would never hurt us, no matter what you turn into; I know that above all else.”
I hope that is true. “You also have to swear on your grandmother’s and your father’s graves that you will never tell anyone the truth about me; it would endanger everyone we love if they found out,” I say solemnly.
He has to understand the weight all of this carries. Vampires have hidden their existence this long; something tells me that they go to great lengths to keep it that way.
“It’s that serious? Okay, I swear,” he says hesitantly. I suspect the gravity of it all hasn’t entirely caught up to him because he seems to still be grappling with a bit of denial. “We will get through this, Sasha; I know we will.”


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