Tidbit’s about this months book and product


I found this book off of RomCon’s reader rating list, and had high hopes as it sounded intriguing. The prompt shift into the sexual content was a nice change of pace and the author did a fantastic job with her male protagonist, she truly did “own” him as her editorial reviews claimed. I am new to reading BDSM and felt that the author introduced the reader to the content and associated social structure quite well, leaving the reader with good comprehension of this fascinating culture. It left the reader with a better understanding of the rationale behind the practice of BDSM- and wanting more. What was difficult was the rushed and lacking storyline. I also have a tendency to be turned off by the use of certain words, in this case her reference to a woman’s nether regions as a “mound.” Mound is not a sexy word and was a bit of a mood killer. When repeatedly used, it becomes a turn off. Reading the introduction to start, the author prepared me for the fact that this was a fast paced summer romance. A fact that I can appreciate but felt the back story was slapped together as an afterthought around the BDSM scenes as it was rushed and predictable. It is possible to write a well thought out yet fast paced novel. I do, however, look forward to reading more by this author as she knows how to paint a sex scene quite well.

My Liege of Dark Haven

I hear all of the time from women how obsessed they are with wanting eyelash extensions or a product to help them fake it. Extensions can be pricey as well as irritating to the eye, many can develop a sensitivity to the glue. I personally love fake eyelashes for photos and going out on the town, and know what a pain in the ass they can be to apply. A fellow nurse friend started selling Younique products, and was raving about the mascara. After reviewing the product, I was fascinated. It is a bit labor intensive to apply, and for someone who is on the go constantly and doesn’t want to take more than thirty minutes to do hair and makeup in the morning, application of this seemed daunting. It is relatively easy to apply, and while I won’t be wearing this on a daily basis, I plan to have it on hand for special occasions and date nights with the hubby. I do recommend that anyone who is interested in trying this product should watch the youtube review/ tutorial for proper application. Also, keep an eye out for any loose fibers left on your skin after applying, you may need to brush those off!  I have attached a youtube review, the video is a bit long, some parts you may want to skip over, but it is informative and pretty accurate.


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